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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Release Date: 14-Nov-2007

Developed By: IO Interactive

Published By: Eidos Interactive

ESRB: Rating Pending

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Kane starts out as a normal father of two, working as a consultant for large companies that outsource work to other countries. His relatively normal life takes a turn for the worse when his two-year-old son finds his gun, shoots himself with it and dies two weeks after. Kane is unable to cope and seeing the blame put squarely on him by his wife, he skips the country. He becomes a mercenary, and after six years of putting his acquired skills to good work, he is contacted by a mysterious group known only as The Seven.

"A brotherhood of unlimited power", The Seven are looking to add Kane to their ranks. They promise him riches which also come with stringent rules. If those rules are ever broken, Kane is a dead man. He works for the mercenary organisation for thirteen years, when their retirement job in the US goes horribly wrong. Kane's entire team ends up dead (or so he thinks), but he manages to escape with a fortune in diamonds. He flees to Venezuela, but the authorities catch up to him and he is sentenced to death. It is unknown where Kane got the distinctive scar running from his forehead, across his right eye down to his right cheek (he may or may not be blind in that eye).

Lynch is a working class guy pulling all sorts of jobs in Detroit warehouses. He also suffers from severe schizophrenia which requires extensive medication. He comes home from work one day to find his wife dead, but because he is prone to blackouts which have had him committing atrocious acts of brutality, he isn't sure whether or not he had anything to do with it. Nevertheless, a jury sentences him to the death penalty.

Initial encounter
The two men first meet on a transport to death row. During this transport, Lynch suddenly tells Kane to cover his head. Then the transport is violently ambushed and it crashes (during which Kane breaks his nose; hence the plaster-cast which he sports). What at first seems like a rescue attempt turns out to be a high-profile kidnapping. Apparently, four members of The Seven who survived the disastrous retirement job, have come back to square things with Kane. They wish to kill him and his family, but because they want the fortune Kane stole from them, they offer him a deal: they'll only kill him and spare his wife and daughter if he returns the money. Kane accepts the deal. Lynch is taken on by the mercenaries to watch over Kane and ensure that he doesn't try to screw them over again. Now Kane and Lynch have to work together to regain the fortune, so that Kane's family may survive and Lynch may have Kane's old job.

The player will take the role of Kane during the game (Lynch is controlled by the AI, or by a second player in co-op mode). The plan is to incorporate Kane and Lynch's personalities into the game mechanics. Where Kane is more subtle and employs finesse, Lynch is a loose cannon, and may be liable to up the ante to full combat. This system is currently still in the testing phase.

There will also be an element of squad-based combat. At times, Kane may control a squad which he can guide around using simple instructions. Kane's personality will also play a part here, however. He has a reputation for leaving his team behind, so initially he'll only be able to hire low-life scum, who might not obey his commands. As the game progresses, more professional help will become available.

First trailer
Kane's daughter, being held captive by presumed members of The Seven.
Enlarge Kane's daughter, being held captive by presumed members of The Seven.
The first trailer for Kane & Lynch was shown at X06. It features a monologue from Kane's daughter, who is being held by unknown men (presumably mercenaries of The Seven who have kidnapped her along with her mother), while in-game scenes are shown.

"I remember my dad's eyes as kind." Kane's face is shown in close-up, as he appears to look down on his daughter. Then Kane and Lynch are shown walking into the Misuhi nightclub in Tokyo as the music picks up.

"Yesterday, I met him for the first time in years. He's changed." We see Kane edging his way through the crowded dancefloor of the nightclub.

"These men say they can stop my father." Kane is shown firing an MP5 inside the nightclub.

"I've seen what he and that medicated psychopath are capable of." We see Lynch knocking out a receptionist, when the scene cuts to Kane and Lynch (accompanied by a team of mercenaries) who infiltrate a Tokyo highrise disguised as window washers. They rappel down to a meeting room. Kane places a device (presumably an explosive charge) on the outside of the window as guards inside pelt him with gunfire.

"I just hope they kill him." Several brief flashes of Kane, followed by a cinematic shot of the two protagonists and the logo.


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