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The Darkness

Release Date: 27-Jun-2007

Developed By: Starbreeze

Published By: 2K Games

ESRB: Mature

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On the eve of his 21st birthday, the player takes control of Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado who is suddenly possessed by the malevolent powers of The Darkness, a family "Gift" (some family trait). Although this supernatural entity allows him to wreak havoc on his enemies, the Darkness also has a powerful will of its own and Estacado must now learn how to control it. The gameplay uniquely blends both modern crime drama and supernatural horror through both first-person and third-person perspectives. The environments are highly destructible allowing players to demolish the scenery of the New York underworld to wreak vengeance on his former Mafia employers and eventually defeat the terrifying creatures of The Otherworld, a parallel reality where the Darkness dwells.

Celebrity voice overs include Kirk Acevedo (Band of Brothers, Oz) as Jackie, Mike Patton (ex-Faith No More) as The Darkness, Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) as Jenny, Richard Steven Horvitz (Invader ZIM, Psychonauts) as "Berserker Darkling", and Sky Soleil (24), as Scarr.

At its core, the Darkness is a first-person shooter, with Estacado's skills as a hitman allowing him to make use of a wide variety of guns, from basic 9mm handguns and submachine guns to high-powered assault rifles and automatic shotguns. Estacado will primarily use these in well-lit environments, when he cannot efficiently use Darkness Powers, and of course they can also be used in conjunction with his power for maximum effect.

In the dark, Estacado will be able to use his hellish ability to summon creatures and artifacts from The Otherworld and Hell itself.

Some abilities include:
* Summoning Darklings: Estacado's main Darkness ability is the summoning of Darklings, and as such there are twenty different darkling types (kamikaze, interrogator, ceiling ninja, fetcher, and more). Essentially they are malformed hellspawn which spring from the tainted souls of the sickest, most inhuman individuals. Darklings have spindly, muscular bodies and pointed, animalistic faces with glowing eyes and wicked fangs, and serrated claws on the tips of their limbs. They attack in packs, swarming over buildings and through windows and doorways. Though they are deadly even when unarmed, these sickening beasts often carry fearsome close-combat weapons like hacksaws and pneumatic drills, ready to tear Estacado's enemies apart at close quarters. An added benefit of the Darklings is that they can draw enemy fire away from Estacado, allowing him to progress more easily through well-defended areas.

* Summoning Dark Tentacles: Dark Tentacles are huge, incredibly strong appendages which grow from Estacado's back when summoned. They can lift and throw heavy objects with ease, allowing them to smash through barricades and tear down walls to allow Estacado access to difficult-to-reach areas, and of course they have no difficulty in crushing enemy characters to a pulp. Their tough, resilient surfaces mean they can also form an effective bullet shield in front of Estacado, protecting him from harm.

* Summoning Maw Tentacles: Maw Tentacles are smaller versions of Dark Tentacles and are summoned in the same way, but are used more for close combat than moving objects. They consist of long, writhing tendrils with bulging eyes that can change color and gaping jaws filled with huge dagger-like teeth, capable of ripping through flesh and bone with ease. They can be sent snaking round doorways and through air vents, their eyes feeding pictures to Estacado's eyes like spy cameras, seeking out alternate routes and enemy strongpoints.

* Creating Black Holes: One of the more devastating Darkness abilities, this allows Estacado to open whirling vortices in realspace, pulling enemies and objects out of reality and trapping them forever in Hell itself. A single Black Hole opened in a room full of enemies can clear the area in moments, making it an excellent weapon when assaulting defended buildings.


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