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Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Weapon and Armor Available
(via Team Xbox) -- Via the Cerberus Network, the Cerberus Weapon and Armor DLC is now available for download and it's FREE!
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | Submitted By: Hero | 10 years ago 

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier breaks cover
(via CVG) - New Clancy entry out this year with public beta. Ubisoft has just announced Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, the new game in the Tom Clancy shooter series. Related StoriesMass Effect 2 DLC coming tomorrowDeus Ex: Human Revolution trademarkedBioShock 2 is "only pure shooter out right now"BioShock 2
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | Submitted By: Hero | 10 years ago 

bad company 2 demo now live
(via www.majornelson.com) -- the demo of bad company is now live. i look forward to playing with all of you.
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | Submitted By: Ciotog | 10 years ago 

Modern warfare 2 DLC leak (RUMOR)
(via se7ensins) -- yes this is a rumor but hey it looks pretty real to me.... 10 maps 6 new 4 old all coming exclusivley to 360.... GOD IS GOOD.... i cant wait for this map pack this spring for COD: MW2
  Discuss (1) | Login to recommend | Submitted By: SweatMode | 10 years ago 

All Heart: Help the people of Haiti by buying some Bungie SWAG or Halo 3 online to help for free!
(via Bungie.Net) - Everyone by now knows about the tragedy in Haiti. Some of you reading this may have already donated money to help the people of Haiti. Bungie Studios is offering a couple of ways to donate to the cause and one of them is FREE! The free option requires a little bit of effort and time, not to mention an Xbox Live Gold account, but $77,000 of Bungie's hard-earned money could be going to the American Red Cross just because you played a little Halo 3 or Halo 3: ODST on Wednesday January 20th and Thursday January 21st.
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | Submitted By: Senor Hurt | 10 years ago 

Halo Reach revealed in Edge
(via CVG) - Bungie's last Halo exposed in next issue; See all-new art here. Xbox 360's self-confessed "biggest title" of the year, Halo Reach, is revealed in full in the next issue of Edge Magazine. Related StoriesMass Effect 2 review is inModern Warfare 2 UK's third bestselling game everCrackdown team creating
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | Submitted By: hoZt | 10 years ago 

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