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Episode #102 - The Xbox Boys, MOHA, Mad Tracks, Blue Skittle & Small Arms
(via GamerTagRadio) - We know that's alot of interviews for this week's show. Thanks to Miss Irie for the banner. This week's host: Godfree, Feelz Good & Pinksage Medal Of Honor Airborne @ EA With Patrick Gilmore I had the chance to interview the Executive Producer of Medal Of Honor Airborne Patrick Gilmore during the MOHA summit at EA in LA.
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Episode #105 - Transformers, Wing Commander & Band of Bugs
(via GamerTagRadio) - This is our last show & we are planning to come back on July 10th Live from E3 2007! Exclusive Podcast Interview - Wing Commander Arena We had the chance to interview Sean Penney from EA about their new Xbox Live Arcade game "Wing Commander Arena". Get to hear why this game is different then other XBL Arcade titles and are you ready for a 16 player deathmatch online? Band Of Bugs - Ninja Bee Interview The guys from Ninja Bee returns with a new XBL Arcade game called Band Of Bugs.
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Episode #103 - Pac-Man CE & Aaron Greenberg Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) - Instead of wasting 75 mins bashing other community members to get attention. We at GTR bring you a POSITIVE podcast on one of the biggest video game icons in gaming history. The new Pac-Man CE for the Xbox Live Arcade game just came out a few days ago. Aaron Greenberg claims this "major announcement" could make "gaming history".
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