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Episode #129 - Blood Bowl Exclusive Podcast Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week the GTR staff brings you an exclusive podcast interview with Cyanide Studios about their upcoming game Blood Bowl for the Xbox 360 & Games for Windows. Also more details about our event GTR3 Community Vib3s. Are you coming? Let us know! Remember to support GTR's Walk for Autism.
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Episode #128 - CES 2008 & Xbox Account Hijackings Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) - Welcome to the 4th season of GTR! This week staff member Peterocc gave us behind the scene coverage from CES 2008 (Las Vegas, NV). He let us know about Bill Gates last keynote, Warner Bros going Blu-Ray & more. Also don't miss our interview with Artic from Team VBI about how his Xbox account getting stolen.
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Episode #130 - Gamepolitics & Kane's Wrath Interviews
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week the GTR staff invites the owner of Gamepolitics.com to discuss about why we should be voting, 2008 presidential candidates, why some politicians are against video games & much more. Also staff member Cyber interviews the developer of the new expansion pack for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath.
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Episode #131 - Penny Arcade On The Rain-Slick Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week GTR interviews with the developers of Penny Arcade's new game "On The Rain-Slick - Precipice of Darkness Episode One" and the staff had a discussion about having Hip Hop downloadable packs for Rock Band on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Colin Munroe - "I Want
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Bonus: CES Coverage 2008 - Complexity LA & / Tritton Interviews
(via GamerTagRadio) - New GTR's bonus audio for the weekend. Peterocc & his girlfriend PMS Harlequin sent me 2 audio interviews that they recorded @ CES 2008 in Las Vegas. An interview with Tritton about their new 2008 lineup and gave us some exclusive details during the interview. Also get to hear an interview with Complexity LA.
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3rd Annual Xbox Community Awards '07
(via GamerTagRadio) - Happy New Year to all! To start the new year the staff finally releases the 3rd Annual Xbox Community Awards '07. Enjoy the show and congrats to all the winners! I would like to thank Doc Adams for hosting the awards, Lee Low from Luna Empire, Wrekonize & DJ Sharpsound for the amazing intro, The GTR staff and everyone that were part of this years awards.
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