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Episode #132 - Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week the staff are taking a nice break and getting ready for Community Vib3s. A few days ago, JVB, Ant & Godfree were invited to a local event called "Xbox 360 Meetup". At this event gamers meet and play LAN partys at Gamebreakers located in South Florida. The GTR staff interviews some of the members from the group about their history, favorite games & much more.
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Episode #133 - Live From The Walk Now for Autism Charity Event
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week the staff podcast live from the Walk Now for Autism charity event during the walk-a-thon and an interview with interview with Shayne Guiliano, the studio director at Autonomous Productions about Butterfly Garden. GTR will be back next week with a new episode before our big 3rd anniversary event GTR Community Vib3s.
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GTR3 - Community Vibes audio promo
(via GamerTagRadio) - Gamertag Radio to Unleash Community Vib3s – Kicking Off 2008 With the Gaming Party of the Year In celebration of its three year anniversary, Gamertag Radio will be hosting an event "Community Vib3s" at Club PS14 in Miami, Florida, on February 23rd, 2008. "Community Vib3s" brings to you a fusion of gaming and hip-hop, with performances from some of the hottest local acts.
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Episode #134 - GTR3 Community Vib3s & Buku Sudoku Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) - Finally after months planning the 3rd year anniversary event for Gamertag Radio will happen this weekend in Miami, FL. Listen to the staff had to say about the event and random talk about HD DVD, why Feelz Good is on TriXie's Top 10 Cute Boys in Game Journalism & GTR's Old Spice Challenge (thanks dancinns).
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Diary of a High Definition Format War
(via Andy Pennel's Blog) - Here are my personal highlights (and lowlights) of the format war, from down in the trenches of the HD DVD team at Microsoft. To make it a bit clearer, here is a graph of the peaks and troughs of the last three years: April 2005: I join the Profession Content Group. Immediately start work on iHD engine (later renamed HDi™)  for the PC.
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