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Episode #149 - Don King Presents Prizefighter Conference Call
(via GamerTagRadio) -- Don King Presents Prizefighter conference call with Matthew Seymour, Executive Producer for 2K, with special guests Mr. Don King and Larry Holmes.
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Gamercast Network E3 2008 Promo
(via GamerTagRadio) - Don't miss Gamercast Network E3 2008 coverage. From July 14-17, 2008 live from LA, California. For more details head over to http://www.gamercastnetwork.com Gamertag Radio & Mogulus Brings E3 To You Miami, FL - June 26, 2008: The hottest gaming podcast on the Internet, is proud to announce that it will be on site at E3 2008 from July 14th through July 17th, bringing you non-stop coverage on everything gaming.
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Episode #152 - Unreal Tournament 3 Interview with Midway
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week the GTR staff interviews Midway about their upcoming game Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360. Ooopy from The Blue Skittle joins us this week to give us more information about The 2nd Annual Pre Pax Party that will take place in Seattle, WA on August 28th, 2008.
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Episode #151 - Interview with Day 1 Studios about Fracture
(via GamerTagRadio) - This week on episode #151. Gamertag Radio brings you a podcast exclusive interview with the developers Day 1 Studios about their upcoming game "Fracture" coming for the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 this Fall. Also the GTR staff reviews Don King Presents Prizefighter. Is it better then Fight Night Round 3? Download the latest episode to find out.
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Episode #148 - Wideload Games Interview Hail To The Chimp
(via GamerTagRadio) - What does animals and politics have in common? Wideload Games! This week they join us for an interview about their upcoming game "Hail To The Chimp" coming out for the Xbox 360 this month. Find out how they came up with this party game & working with Comedy Central. Also this week GTR staff invites the one & only Liquilife.
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Episode #150 - Dragonball Z Burst Limit Interview
(via GamerTagRadio) -- This week GTR interviews Atari about their upcoming game Dragonball Z Burst Limit for the Xbox 360 & PS3. Also unreleased audio from last week's episode. Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Nas - "Legendary (Mike Tyson) & Termanology: 'Welcome To The Machine (RMX)' featuring Lil Fame
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Playing Ripped DVDs with Media Center Extenders
(via Andy Pennel's Blog) - At last I have succeeded in getting ripped DVDs to play from my Xbox 360's Media Center Extender, and here is how I did it. First off let me explain my goals: I want to be able to play my kid's DVDs via my home network, so they can avoid trashing the shiny discs any more than they already have Playback needs to be from something other than my PC, so my kids don't trash that I also want to avoid transcoding the DVDs into another format, because my time is extremely limited (thanks to having two kids) I'd like the original DVD menus and Extras to be available.
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