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Finally updated my site
(via Wildchicken) -- After a long hiatus, I finally got to update my professional presence online: i4design.com.
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Welcome to 2010
(via Wildchicken) - I get some random mail every so often, and I realize it's because of this blog... which hasn't been updated in almost 3 years. So, just in case you care or are keeping track, what I do and who I it for has changed.I helped Pelago launch v1 of Whrrl, and they have recently launched v3.
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(via Wildchicken) - I've updated my new company's website and it went live today! www.pelago.com. We're still in stealth mode so there's not a lot of detail about our product development stuff, but we're getting closer! The new site was something I was doing this past week in parallel with our product design and development.
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Not iYet
(via Wildchicken) - Got my hands on a iPhone here at work, and after spending a couple days with it I have to say: not yet. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and lust-inducing. It's a gorgeous device, and has "steal me" written all over it. They did an amazing number of things just so right, and obviously had to get a service partner to change the status quo because it was the right thing to do.
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Spider-Man 3: Crap
(via Wildchicken) - Like too many other cattle looking for entertainment this past weekend, I went with some friends to go to Spider-Man 3. Boy, was that a mistake. A lot of people seem to be charitable saying that the movie, despite its flaws, was entertaining. I can't even say that much. I was close to walking out of the movie a handful of times, and it takes a lot for me to do that.
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Flying the Coop
(via Wildchicken) - Today I announced my pending departure from Microsoft, so I will no longer be an Xbox 360 or Zune insider, but someone who can experience it from the outside. I've had an amazing run there for almost 9 years: Xbox 360, Zune, Crimson Skies, The Beast, MechWarrior 4, and SQL Server 2000 & 7.
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Xbox 360 2007 Spring Update - It's the Small Things that Count
(via Wildchicken) - I'm out of the country so it's hard to make a real post on this, but the details of the upcoming Spring update have been released. I'm really excited about some of these, especially the "small" improvements like the Achievement notification, joinable presence icon, and the name of the game in the tray.
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Sony Reader
(via Wildchicken) - I got one of these Sony Readers recently and I've been using it rather extensively for a couple weeks now. Don't get it confused with the original Easy Reader, as nothing is cooler than reading.     The Good: You need to check out the screen. It has great DPI for a digital display, so text looks very good.
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Design Rant of the Day
(via Wildchicken) -- Why do socks need to have their own size? Who knows what their sock size is? Every single sock label has the shoe size on it which is much more useful anyway.
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Chinese In-Laws
(via Wildchicken) - My wife, who's Chinese, pointed this blog posting out to me. I had to share it with the rest of you.   I have Chinese in-laws, and I have a lot of friends who are either Chinese or similarly related as I am. There are some great observations here that really do hit very close to home.
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Spring Festival
(via Wildchicken) - It is Chinese New Year, and it's the year of the boar! It's too bad that my trip out to Beijing wasn't a couple weeks later - it would have been something to be there for this holiday. My in-laws wish we could spend this holiday with them, but unfortunately the US doesn't celebrate this as an official holiday, so we don't get any days off as part of the regular schedule.
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Banned Word: Emboldened
(via Wildchicken) - I don't watch a lot of TV. I am currently watching Rome on HBO, and I opportunistically watch other shows that my wife watches, like Scrubs. Recently, I've caught the last 2-3 episodes of Heroes. Then I try to catch the news in the morning when I'm getting ready for work and in the evenings as we're winding down.
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Say That Again
(via Wildchicken) - Ars Technica has a nice little article on the latest.   In his CES keynote, Peter Dille (SCEA's SVP of Marketing) stated that that Motorstorm will run 1080p at 60fps. Apparently this is not true, as SCEA told 1UP that it will actually be 720p at 30fps.   In that same keynote, he says they hit their goal of shipping 1 million PS3 systems.
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Happy Belated New Year
(via Wildchicken) - It's been a while, so here's a short update on what's happened since the end of November: Lots of work on Xbox 360 updates for 2007 and beyond. Flew to my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, to attend an end-of-semester project review and meet with faculty & students from the design department and the Entertainment Technology Center.
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My Review of Gears of War
(via Wildchicken) - Like a lot of people, I've been playing Gears of War on my 360. Since its release I've played a a few ranked games with strangers and quite a few more games with friends. I've also finished the campaign on Hardcore difficulty. I've had an amazing amount of fun playing this game and I haven't been this motivated to sign into Xbox Live in a long time.
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Great Design and Agile Development
(via Wildchicken) - I was recently part of an internal panel here at Microsoft where we talked about the creation of user experiences for Agile development processes. We had some great discussions going, and I had a lot of fun having some public debates with various people. I'm not one to shy away from vigorous conversations - in fact, I kind of enjoy them.
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Zune Launches
(via Wildchicken) -- Just in case you haven't noticed the deluge of news about this, Zune launched today! If you're in the US, it should be widely available at retail (unless they sold out).
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I Want It, and I Want It NOW
(via Wildchicken) - I need to explain something to some people. There is apparently a misconception that something like an Xbox 360 update takes something like 3 days for us to design, develop, and test. Okay, maybe a week, tops.   Even though I would love to live in a world where something that complex can happen that quickly, that's not how it works.
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Zune Preview Event, NYC
(via Wildchicken) - Helping out with the Zune preview event that we're holding at a space on the west side. We've got a full day of media people coming through to see the Zune Marketplace, PC software, accessories, and of course the Zune device. I'm manning the living room setup where we're also showing how Zune works with Xbox 360 and to help answer any Zune-related questions they might have.
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Movies and TV Shows on Xbox Live
(via Wildchicken) - This is the big thing that we have been working on but haven't talked about - until now. Starting November 22, you can download movies and TV shows to your Xbox 360 console via Xbox Live! Check out the official news release on Xbox.com. Here's the story on Yahoo and New York Times (you might need to register for free to read that one).
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Zune.net Has Been Turned On
(via Wildchicken) -- As of 5:30AM Pacific, zune.net is available to the world! Check it out.   And an article on Red Herring describes a study that suggests "more than half of of the iPod faithful surveyed would consider a Zune." Pretty interesting, I would say.
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Fall Update Problems
(via Wildchicken) - So here's the official word on the reports of problems with the fall update from Major Nelson, and this one from Gamerscore Blog. In short, we're doing everything we can to make sure that the issue is resolved for those people who are having problems. Once we started getting reports, this became the single highest priority for the Xbox organization.
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