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Fallout 3 - Need Help?

Fallout 3 - Need Help?

I've put a little time (ahem 130+ hours) into this Bethesda game and wanted to share some of the resources that have been invaluable to me during my time wandering the post-apocalyptic plains.
Don't give me that cheater stare. If I've put that amount of time into the game, it wasn't because I used maps to find my way to every major storyline area! Seriously, sometimes you need a map to find things you may have missed along the way like Super Mutant Behemoths or perhaps Nuka-Cola Quantums.
I am quite proud to say that I didn't need a walkthrough except for a quest that didn't play fairly with me but the following are two sites to visit if walkthroughs are necessary:
My personal favorite is:http://mycheats.1up.com/view/superguide/2010007/fallout_3_/pc
A community favorite is:http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/game/939933.html
Achievement Guide:
If you're just going for the achievements, here's a look at what's involved:http://www.giantbomb.com/guides/fallout-3-achievement-guide/467/
Here's a friendly piece of advice - if you haven't started the game, save when you're half way through levels 7, 13 and 19. "Save often Stupid" in between but at those times specifically. This has to do with getting the character karma achievements - Also, you'll have an easier time going back to get them if you go through the game as a good person first.
Finally, I know a few of my friends didn't realize this so I'm posting for anyone else who may have missed it. You can repair your own equipment by picking up duplicates (and as long as your repair score is high enough). Just go into the item screen on your pip-boy, select the item you want to repair and press "Y". It will use any extras you have to fix up your selected weapon. I've used this for weapons and armor. It sure saves a buck from having to have your stuff repaired by Moira (what an annoying woman) or a wandering salesman.
This game is simply amazing. That is all.
Oh, and don't forget the upcoming DLC. Must. Get. 1000 GS. Now.


News Posted:11 years ago
Source:Gamerscore Blog

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