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Not iYet
Got my hands on a iPhone here at work, and after spending a couple days with it I have to say: not yet. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and lust-inducing. It's a gorgeous device, and has "steal me" written all over it. They did an amazing number of things just so right, and obviously had to get a service partner to change the status quo because it was the right thing to do. Visual voicemail? Threaded SMS? C'mon, now there's no other way to do it, and because the iPhone did it the other phones and carriers will have to get with it or get left behind. Initially the onscreen keyboard wasn't quite as good as I hoped; it kept on getting P when I wanted O. But after using it more, I realized it's pretty damn good, just not as good as a dedicated keyboard quite yet. I'm still using my Blackjack (but that's quite an imperfect device as well). I'm surprised that they didn't have the keyboard actually show lower-case letters, especially when typing in passwords. I found myself wondering what I was typing, and the glowing shift button just didn't seem enough for me. The kicker right now is that I have a couple pairs of good headphones - a Bose noise canceling pair for traveling and general sitting-on-my-butt use, and a Shure pair for taking around with me. Neither of them will fit on the iPhone, since the iPhone's jack is recessed and the plugs simply won't fit! I know, get a dongle that will do it, but why the hell should I spend another few dollars for a crappy solution like that? I know, everyone's going to come out with an iPhone friendly design, but I'm perfectly happy with my existing headphones and I can't believe that I can't use them as is. However I wouldn't be surprised if Bose released a new cable for their headphones that also include the microphone. Now that would be slick. However most other headphones don't have that option, and it sucks that you would have to use a stupid dongle (which I'm not sure is even out) or use their headphones only. For the same price as a PS3, I don't want to have to make that choice quite yet. Yeah, yeah, it's a great device, it's signature Apple, and they have a lot to be proud of and everyone else needs to stand up and take notice. But I think I'll wait a little while longer. Unfortunately for me, it's likely not a matter of if, but when.


News Posted:12 years ago

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