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Say That Again

Say That Again

Ars Technica has a nice little article on the latest.
In his CES keynote, Peter Dille (SCEA's SVP of Marketing) stated that that Motorstorm will run 1080p at 60fps. Apparently this is not true, as SCEA told 1UP that it will actually be 720p at 30fps.
In that same keynote, he says they hit their goal of shipping 1 million PS3 systems. Hold on for a sec. Back in August, Sony clarified their launch plans saying they would have 2 million at launch and another 2 million by year's end, for a total of 4 million. In November, that number went down to a total of 2 million according to an Engadget interview with Peter Dille. And now 1 million? It's neat that it goes down by half every time.
It's amazing that they continue to say these kinds of things week after week. If Microsoft were caught making those types of statements, we would be publicly tarred and feathered.


News Posted:12 years ago

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