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WGTR Baggins FM Vol. 2 - Wrekonize & DJ Idee Hip Hop Show

WGTR Baggins FM Vol. 2 - Wrekonize & DJ Idee Hip Hop Show
As the world awaits the next wild addition to the Grand Theft Auto IV world, Gamertag Radio, a gaming and hip-hop site is already prepared to take on the newest element to the GTA world. With GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony, you'll see the opening of a new pirate station in Liberty City, WGTR Baggins FM, for your enjoyment. Be ready as the station hosts some dope tracks to make your gameplay in The Ballad of Gay Tony more authentic. Let these be your custom soundtrack as you own the most recent expansion to the streets of Liberty City.

Check out the music as GTR staff member Peterocc throws down his own commercial free mix show. Wrekonize and DJ Idee collaborating together have created a sweet hip hop show for your listening pleasure. WGTR will be up and running at the same time you are, with two distinct and different mixes available for download, as well as an exclusive and brand new track from popular Miami hip-hop artist MayDay. Put them onto your Xbox 360 as a custom soundtrack and enjoy.


News Posted:10 years ago

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