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Episode #170 - Live Show @ GameNarp in Miami, FL

Episode #170 - Live Show @ GameNarp in Miami, FL
The first official Destructoid Miami NARP featuring Gamertag Radio & SFX360. The event took place at FIU with hundred of gamers from the state of Florida. The staff got together to recorded a live show during the party. The crowd goes crazy with tons of giveaways. FREE copes of Sacred 2 (PC), Smackdown vs Raw 2009 (Xbox 360, PS3, DS, & Will), Red Alert 3 (Xbox 360), Comic books & more.

Interviews with Neiro from Destructoid, SFX360, R3ys Gameday, GameWars & more. Enjoy this classic show! Also GTR made an official announcement live during the event. Destructoid joins the Gamercast Network!


News Posted:11 years ago

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