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Episode #148 - Wideload Games Interview Hail To The Chimp

Episode #148 - Wideload Games Interview Hail To The Chimp
What does animals and politics have in common? Wideload Games! This week they join us for an interview about their upcoming game "Hail To The Chimp" coming out for the Xbox 360 this month. Find out how they came up with this party game & working with Comedy Central. Also this week GTR staff invites the one & only Liquilife. He also performs his latest hit singles only on Gamertag Radio.

With the release of Ninja Gaiden II coming this week. The staff gets together and gave their review about the game & whats up with the slowdown during this fast-paced game? Find out what are our thoughts on Episode #148.

The staff would like to thank the following sponsor: Panasonic. They are advertising for the month of June. So please make sure to download our past shows to support the podcast. Enjoy and remember to post your feedback.

Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Jadakiss - "From Now To Then (Feat. DJ Premier)


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