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Episode #121 - Award winning composer Jesper Kyd Interview

Episode #121 - Award winning composer Jesper Kyd Interview

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This week before our coverage from the Kane & Lynch community event we bring you a new episode for GTR! A few weeks ago CyberAthlete & Godfree had the chance to interview the award-winning composer Jesper Kyd regarding his soundtracks for the upcoming titles The Club, Assassin's Creed and K&L. Get to hear what he had to say about how he started in the gaming industry and much more.

Also JVB & Peterocc joins this week's episode to discuss about Xbox Community Awards 07, podcasting, Bioware/EA, & Jeff Bell strikes again. Who was last week's giveaway winner? Find out only on GTR!

Custom Soundtrack Of The Week: Y Society - "At My Own Pace"


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