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Episode #77 - Superman Returns & Medal Of Honor Interviews

Episode #77 - Superman Returns & Medal Of Honor Interviews
In this week's episode we have 2 great interviews! As you can see both are from EA's new upcoming games for the Xbox 360. Our first interview with Jeff Peters he is the Supervising Producer of Superman Returns the video game. Jeff gave us more details about the game, a new demo coming to the Xbox Live marketplace, and more. This week Cyberathlete was invited to the Medal Of Honor Airborne community event and has over 7hrs of audio coverage. Slowly we are going to be releasing the audios to our fans. These are the developers giving us all the scoop about the game coming out in 2007! Check out part 1 in this audio! Thank Ea's Blackhat for help.
BamBeatz joins us with an exclusive track featuring the Hip Hop legend KRS ONE. He gave us the story on how they got together. Nano claims that there's cheaters on the GTR arcade leaderboards and more only on GTR!


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