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Episode #91 - MVP Summit Coverage Part 2

Episode #91 - MVP Summit Coverage Part 2
After sleeping at the airport thanks to last weekends snow storm I'm here to bring you our part 2 coverage from the MVP Summit. Alot of people been asking what's an MVP or how can I be part of this program? Well I had the chance to sit down with our Xbox MVP lead Tyler Welch from Microsoft. He gave us more information about the program that been going on for about 15 years.
Are forum posters important in the Xbox Community? Yes, They've been huge role in the community for years. They are the one giving us news, rumors, feedback & even coverage on events to other forum members. I have Witchking9 (From IGN boards) & Wiseguy (TeamXbox boards) for this week's show. They are also Xbox MVPs and don't have a blog, site or even a podcast. We had recorded a short audio on why they continue to post on forums then having an official site & how they had the chance to be part of the MVP program. Enjoy this week's episode & remember to post at our forums!


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