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Episode #81 - CES 07, Guitar Hero II & Grandma Hardcore

Episode #81 - CES 07, Guitar Hero II & Grandma Hardcore
What's the best way to start with a big bang for 2007? With our new episode for GTR! In this 3rd season for the podcast we have our very own Miss Irie at CES 07 with some behind the scenes news, thoughts of her being at the Bill Gates keynote & more. But that's not all! The staff had the chance to interview Red Octane. Hopefully they can give us all the juicy info on the new Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. Btw Nano swears that he will be a rockstar after this game releases this year. We also want to thank Grandma Hardcore & her grandson Timothy for being part on this weeks episode. All of us had a great time interviewing Grandma! Remember to visit her blog at Oghc.blogspot.com
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