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XM360 v1.1b

XM360 v1.1b
Node21 (Team XeDev) released a new version of XM360.

What's new/fixed:
* Added ftp server, and because of that, a new button to "Rescan". Also, your 360's IP address is displayed on screen.
* Fixed long standing issue where some titles weren't unlocking, and some weren't being scanned properly. It had only minor impact though, so you might not have been aware of it.
* Added feature to "restore" DLC filenames. As it turns out, some people are somehow getting DLC which has been renamed. This feature will correct the filenames on the HDD. However, it also seems that some of this DLC is being modified in order to "tag" it, or to "claim" it. For example: some complete asshole calling himself "DragonSlayer" is releasing DLC and embedding "ripped by DragonSlayer" inside the DLC. He is also taking the liberty to change the area of the DLC which indicates what title the DLC is "for". This completely hoses xm360 which expects DLC to be intact. So, if you are exposing yourself to these DLC files, be prepared for XM360 to not be able to display your DLC correctly...and don't report it as a bug. Be aware, that this feature can take some real time as it has to open each and every DLC to figure out what it's name *should* be.
* some minor ftp fixes (modify time on files, and ability to CD ..) (v1.1b)

Official Site: http://xedev.xbins.org/ (http://xedev.xbins.org/ )
Download: n/a (built with XDK (http://www.xbox-scene.com/xdk.php ))


News Posted:10 years ago
Source:Xbox Scene

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