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Banjo Kazooie - XBLA - Wednesday

Banjo Kazooie - XBLA - Wednesday
If you have a yearning for some old-school gaming, this week's Xbox LIVE Arcade release might be for you.Rare's original Banjo Kazooie is coming out this Wednesday, December 3. Banjo and his Breegull (I got it right this time) friend Kazooie have to learn to work together to save Banjo's little sister, Tooty, from Gruntilda the wicked witch.The game is a platformer and you will learn to run, jump, swim, fly and fight as a team as you collect your jigsaw pieces, or "Jiggys" in all of the different worlds.Banjo Kazooie will be 1200 MS Points and is rated E10+ by the ESRB.


News Posted:10 years ago
Source:Gamerscore Blog

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