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News: 5TH Cell to use Source in next game

News: 5TH Cell to use Source in next game

The next project from Super Scribblenauts developer 5TH Cell will make use of Valve's Source Engine, according to comments made by creative director and CEO Jeremiah Slaczka.

Speaking to website Joystiq Slaczka simply indicated, "We're not ready to reveal our next original game just yet, but I can say we're using the Source Engine for it." No further information was provided, with Slaczka merely adding: "Hopefully we'll have something to show people in a few months."

Although all of 5TH Cell's previous titles, including Drawn To Life and Lock's Quest, have been either for the Nintendo DS or mobile phone formats the Washington-based studio has previously indicated that it's next title would be for Xbox Live Arcade.



News Posted:9 years ago
Source:Game Industry

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