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Valve Would Love to Put Steamworks on Xbox 360

Valve Would Love to Put Steamworks on Xbox 360

Valve is keen on open platforms, and has thrown its support behind the PlayStation 3 for allowing them to use Steamworks to update games. CVG reports that the company would like to offer the service on Xbox 360 as well, but Microsoft's restrictions stand in the way. "We think customers would like ," said Valve's Erik Johnson. "We think, anyway. We'd love to try that."

Unfortunately, it's not Valve's call. Microsoft regulates the Xbox Live service, only allowing patches to go live after approval and certification. That's why Valve chose the PlayStation 3 to receive Steamworks for Portal 2. In doing so, Valve boss Gabe Newell called the PS3 version the "best version on any console." The company sometimes has a tendency to relax its policies to keep up with competition, so we'll see if they do so for Valve.


News Posted:9 years ago

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