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XBLA Puzzler Chime Getting PC Release via Steam

XBLA Puzzler Chime Getting PC Release via Steam

Non-profit game publisher OneBigGame has announced that it's bringing Chime to the PC later this summer. The PC version of the popular Xbox Live Arcade puzzler will be available exclusively on Steam, and like the XBLA release, portions of the proceeds (equivalent to 5 percent of the purchase price) will support charity organizations like the Starlight Children's Foundation and Save the Children.

In case you're not already acquainted with Chime, the game essentially boils down to a clever mash-up between Lumines and Qix. Along with everything that made the XBLA version so great, the Steam edition of Chime is also set to include an additional level featuring the song "Still Alive" from the Portal soundtrack.

Developer ZoeMode lists a September 6 release date for Chime on its official website.


News Posted:9 years ago

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