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Top 5 Enemy Plants

Top 5 Enemy Plants


Top 5 Enemy Plants
Organisms that use photosynthesis to transform carbon dioxide... into pure evil.

By David Wolinsky

Not that anyone outside of Cartman needs more reasons to hate hippies, but it's obvious that none of them are gamers. The proof? They were off hugging trees while these games were showing the rest of the non-patchouli-smelling public the dangers of the Green Menace -- plants that feed not only on sunlight, water, and great pH balance but also our blood. Remember these chlorophyll-having bastards the next time some sandal-wearing longhair hassles you for using a can of spray paint.

5. Plant Man (Mega Man 6)

Plant Man's M.O. is to take root for all of plantkind, lull humanity into a false sense of security with an unpredictable attack pattern, and then dissuade us from clipping its power source with an unusable barrier weapon you get when snuffing it out. Originally programmed to tend a botanical garden, Plant Man presumably has some sort of immunity to the instant-death spikes usually found in pits since they're also on his flashy outfit -- not to mention thorny roses -- but mankind gets the last laugh, since MM6 hardly warrants attention otherwise.

4. The Thorian (Mass Effect)

One of the upsides of us completely destroying Earth is that someday, when we colonize Mars, nobody will have to mow the lawn or do yard work anymore. As Mass Effect shows, though, we'll still have to deal with allergies in the form of the mind-controlling Thorian, which makes slaves of anyone who inhales its spores -- and renders them unable to speak about their affliction via mind-splitting intergalactic headaches and unbelievable amounts of sinus pressure. In space, no one can hear your congested scream.

3. Plant 42 (Resident Evil)


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