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EA Sports MMA Not Releasing in Denmark

EA Sports MMA Not Releasing in Denmark

EA Sports new mixed martial arts game, EA Sports MMA, will not be released in the country of Denmark. It's not because they are against the sport of MMA, as some people are, but instead because Scandinavian law does not allow for energy drinks to be advertised. And, being an authentic MMA game, EA Sports MMA of course includes energy drink ads.

Rather than take what would appear to be the obvious path and remove the ads, EA has stated (via CVG) that it will simply not release the game in the region.

"We are adhering to laws in Denmark that restrict the use of energy drink product placement in-game, and therefore are not shipping EA Sports MMA in that region," the statement read. "Our game authentically recreates the sport of MMA in every facet, including energy drink in-game sponsorships on fighter shorts, gear, and in fight venues."


News Posted:10 years ago

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