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Shank Developer Working on 360 Cut-Scene Skipping Fix

Shank Developer Working on 360 Cut-Scene Skipping Fix

One of Shank's best qualities (as you'll know if you read our glowing review) is its fluid animation and gorgeous cut-scenes, but it looks like some Xbox 360 gamers aren't able to fully appreciate them. Complaints have spread about the cut-scenes skipping and stuttering, and now developer Klei Entertainment has confirmed in a post on their site that they're working on a fix for the issue, as well as another problem regarding Achievements.
Initially there was some confusion about what was actually causing the cut-scene problems, with the post originally saying it was because "some Xbox 360's are having slower disc access rates due to fragmentation, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer." But the post was later amended to say that it's "definitely not the 360's 'fault.' It's our own issue, and it took us by surprise because it didn't come up during certification. Time for us to go a-fixing!"
Another issue Klei is also working on regards Achievements, as those who unlock the trial version of Shank on the 360 have a chance of experiencing a bug that causes the first two Achievements to remain locked.


News Posted:10 years ago

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