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Telltale Teases Epic Crossover...for New Poker Game?

Telltale Teases Epic Crossover...for New Poker Game?

It wouldn't exactly be Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Street Fighter X Tekken, but the thought of an epic adventure game crossover starring Penny Arcade, Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and -- inexplicably -- the cast of Team Fortress 2 would be a dream come true for many. And even though a short clip on the latest episode of GameTrailers TV seems to be teasing exactly that, the odds are greater we'll have to keep dreaming.
In fact, being able to calculate odds may be exactly what you'll need for the game Telltale is teasing, as it's likely to be a sequel to their Texas Hold 'Em game released way back in 2005. But let's back up for a sec -- as you can see for yourself in the teaser clip, it shows four silhouettes looking unmistakably like Penny Arcade's Tycho, Sam from Sam & Max, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and Strong Bad from, well, Strong Bad. "Bet you never thought these guys would get together," a title card reads. "Fine out how 9.2.2010."
If you look closely at the silhouettes, though, you can see they're all holding something in their hands...something that kind of looks like a fanned-out hand of cards. So will these characters simply be playable avatars in a new poker game from Telltale? That sure seems to be the most likely explanation, but we'll have to wait until September 2 -- the day before the Penny Arcade Expo kicks off -- to find out for sure.


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