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360plex Netcast #1 -- TGS
360plex Netcast #1 -- TGS
25 September 2006

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Jeff Haug (OR) -- Gaming-360.com
Darnnell Jeffers (NY)
Briankeith (TX) -- Signal360.net 
TGS Games
Blue Dragon - Game Page 
Lost Odyssey - Game Page
Tenchu Senran - Game Page 
Tenchu Senran Coop
Project Sylpheed - Game Page 
Team Fortress 2 - Game Page
Lost Planet - Game Page 
Half Life 2 - Game Page
Portal - Game Page
Tenchu Senran (Japan Only)
Fuzion Frenzy II
News of the Week  
Xbox Warranty / Refund 
1080p Resolution 
Live Vision Camera - Uno, Spades, Hearts, Backgamon, Bankshot Billards 
Metal Slug XBLA 
Xbox Live Lag
Peter Moore 

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