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360plex Netcast #11 -- Crackdown
360plex Netcast #11 -- Crackdown
22 February 2007

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What we are Playing
Darnnell - GOW, CrackDown, Street Fighter, Video Marketplace Gunnz - Crackdown, Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess, GOW.
Jeff - Battlestations, RV6, DOA Xtreme 2

Root Beer Tapper
Paperboy -- oh boy!
Worms delayed again!!!
Alien Hominid coming next week?


Coming Titles
Crackdown (22-Feb-2007) Flying to new heights / glitches video
NBA Street Homecourt (22-Feb-2007)
Bullet Witch (27-Feb-2007)


Mergers DemonWare acquired by Activision, Wanako Games gets purchased by Vivendi Games

Black 360 with 120 GB rumours are back again via Game Crazy workers.  Active discussion at CheapAssGamers

Black limited edition HD-DVD player -wasn't this just for people that worked on the HD-DVD project?

Microsoft responds to Watchdog story that featured the poor reliability of the 360 (Video)

Steve Ballmer hints at a price cut for the 360

Vicious Engine -- does the Unreal 3 engine finally have some competition?
Google purchases Adscape

Top 10 Achievements that never made it

Game News
Beta delayed for Halo 3

Halo 3 Leaked Video

Ebay Auction for cameo voice over in Halo 3

Square-Enix Working on Next-Gen MMORPG

Enemy Territory : Quake Wars is coming
Guitar Hero II -- More DLC than any other game to date

Graw II -- Dev diary video I, video II, video III

Graw II Multiplayer demo

Other News
Dumb Xbox 360 thief caught by  his own stupidity

Tip / Question
How to play original xbox games in your 360 compatible games
Contest Winner  for Show #10
Congratulations to Mark Rea: Gamertag "A Dark Knight 2"

Visitor Comments

stefancanada02/23/2007 at 5:11PM
Nice show guys....

Like in my message to HSK I am getting worried about my purchase of the 360 now...Beside a few unreadable disk I had no issue yet....crossing finguers.

Take care guys!


Kyle maldiaCanada,Ontario03/02/2007 at 7:09AM
Lol! Your still making fun of Gunzz!

Anyways, all because of you guys, I have a BIG ASS craving for Crackdown! I don't really care about the Halo 3 Beta.

You guys rock! Make more Podcasts, and I'll keep on downloading 'em!

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