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360plex Netcast #2 -- X06
360plex Netcast #2 -- X06
30 September 2006

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For our second podcast we sit down and give a recap the on X06 and what we can look forward to in the up-in-coming months.  For all the games that were discussed we have the videos for them posted here.   
We are still working out some rough edges with the show, but hope you still enjoy it.  Please leave your comments, suggestions, or questions here or leave a voice message on Skype: gaming-360. Listener comments will be played on our next show.

X06 Games:
BioShock - Dev Walkthrough
Assassin Creed - On Stage Demo X06
GOW - Dev Walkthrough - Part I, Part II, Part III
Splinter Cell - Gameplay Video 
Rainbow Six Vegas - X06 Video 
Kane&Lynch - Gameplay Video
Halo Wars
GTA IV Downloads
Sensible World of Soccer
Splinter Cell 5 - 360 Exclusive
Peter Jackson and Microsoft Deal
Is Xbox 360 living up to its promises
Dashboard Update on 10/22/2006?  What is going to be on the next update? 

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