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360plex Netcast #22 -- Its E3
360plex Netcast #22 -- Its E3
12 July 2007

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Netcast #22 -- This week we cover the happenings at E3.  We discuss all the press conferences by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  We also cover the newly released games and demos including Blue Dragon, Ace Combat 6, NCAA Football, and The Bigs.  In the arcade Missile Commander, Golden Axe, and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Special Guest - DeaconBlade 360 from unscripted360.com 
What we are playing
Hero- Forza, R6V, Pac-Man C.E.
Lord Bling - The Darkness, The Bigs, F.E.A.R.
Gunnz - TMNT: The Movie, Forza 2, and Shadow Run
DeaconBlade - The Bigs, The Darkness, Vampire Rain
hoZt - The Darkness, Transformers, RV6, Splinter Cell
Blue Dragon
Ace Combat 6
NCAA Football
Just Released
The Bigs

Missile Command
Golden Axe
Sonic the Hedgehog
Microsoft to extend Xbox 360 warranties at $1 billion cost   -- "This problem has caused frustration for some of our customers and for that, we sincerely apologize," said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, in a statement.
PS3 price slashed to $499 --The console wars just got a whole lot hotter. No, not in that way. Sony's perennially overpriced PS3 is about to get a welcome pricebreak to the tune of $100, at least according to a scan of an upcoming Circuit City advertisement leaked onto the interwebs.
Jack Tretton: On the PS3 price drop  Jack Tretton from Sony America was interviewed by a CNBC business analyst on WHY Sony is dropping the price only 230 days after the release of the PS3. As we clearly see and hear he could not come up with what we all wanted to hear.
Racist Paintjobs Slip Through Forza 2 Moderation -- User created content has been enabled in a much broader capacity with the current generation of hard drive and internet enabled consoles and software that aims to take advantage of this hardware. This a trend we'll see more of than less over the course of the generation, with software like LittleBigPlanet, Forza Motorsport 2 and Mii creation generating a great deal of buzz with gamers.
Press Conferences
Voice Comment -- TyrannusMILES -- Worth playing twice

360plex Score: 4860
Join Date: May 2007
Milwaukee, WI
Member #: 9
Total Posts: 461
Posted: 13 years ago
Just wanted to put this in here before everyone gets a chance to listen to the show. Maybe, just maybe, I was a little too strong in stating that I will no longer buy games that don't use a party system for matchmaking. Time will tell, it's just that I get so frustrated when I play games with a great matchmaking system ie: Halo 2, Halo 3, Shadowrun, and Saints Row just to name a few off the top of my head. Why doesn't Microsoft just make this standard across the board? Like I said, I have Ghost Recon 2, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six Vegas, which are all great games. Sad to say but they are all sitting on the shelf because any time I think about playing, I pass because I know it will end up being a major waste of my valuable time. I mean, I have probably played more Halo 2 in recent months then all of these games combined. Not because Halo is a better game, but because I know that I can get in with my buddies and roll through match after match so easily. So until MS makes this a standard for Live games I will definitely use extreme prejudice when spending my hard earned money.


One life, think twice.

360plex Score: 10935
Join Date: May 2007
Dallas, Texas
Member #: 4
Total Posts: 957
Posted: 13 years ago
I KNEW you'd come back around. I think we all agree with you, and there's no reason for a Microsoft title to not have a matchmaking system. But your initial statement was pretty strict, and it was just a matter of time before you backed down. smile

On another note, I wanted to thank DeaconBlade 360 again for participating on this podcast. It was great having him join our madhouse.

'I wanna get my knees dirty.' -- Gunnz, Netcast 37

360plex Score: 5875
Join Date: May 2007
Upstate NY
Member #: 3
Total Posts: 488
Posted: 13 years ago
He told me that next time he is on that he will let loose he was holding out a little on us but it was great having him on

You're local neighborhood friendly Hero

360plex Score: 3095
Join Date: May 2007
Somewhere in the middle
Member #: 49
Total Posts: 278
Posted: 13 years ago
By the way, what I was trying to say at the end of my message was "kill NIN". Microsoft Sam didn't quite get the pacing down right for it to be clear.

NIN would be referring to fellow 360 plex-er NIN. "Kill NIN" used to be our faithful rallying cry just before we started up a game of Halo 2. Occasionally, we would say it before a game of RSV, but since he's getting good at those games, it's losing its niche.


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