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360plex Netcast #28 -- The Blank Slate
360plex Netcast #28 -- The Blank Slate
20 September 2007

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The roundtable discusses the new demos including Sega Rally and 2k8.  In the news Colin M, Mass Effect video and breasts, Army of Two video, gaming binge leads to deal, and more.

2K8 Basketball
Sega Rally

Geon: emotions

Colin McRae sudden death 

Mass Effect -- 42 min Video and Breasts

Army of Two -- TGS Video - references to 9-11.

Man dies after 72-hour gaming binge

Off Topic
Do you play as a male or female character

Hero -- Community
Lord Bling -- Don't taze me, bro!
hoZt -- The Daddy best signature -- "Xbox Live Leads to Wife Neglect"

Live show coming Halo 3 day

360plex Score: 3075
Join Date: May 2007
Central Illinois
Member #: 29
Total Posts: 299
Posted: 13 years ago
Purchase Crackdown from Ebay and get HALO3 Beta!!!

Imagine hoZt, playing the Call of Duty Beta as a chick...

I think it would look something like this.

Use The Best...
Linux for Servers
Mac for Graphics
Windows for Games

360plex Score: 400
Join Date: Jul 2007
Member #: 103
Total Posts: 32
Posted: 13 years ago
LOL interesting pic geekslive

Good show guys, I think having the 360plex comunity on more often would be cool.


360plex Score: 4975
Join Date: May 2007
Camp Lejeune, NC USA
Member #: 24
Total Posts: 475
Posted: 13 years ago
I have to agree with Gunz about Sega Rally...this title seemed very arcadish to me.

Lord Bling is a horn dog....

How's my gaming?

360plex Score: 4975
Join Date: May 2007
Camp Lejeune, NC USA
Member #: 24
Total Posts: 475
Posted: 13 years ago
I meant to say Hozt, not Bling.

How's my gaming?

360plex Score: 10935
Join Date: May 2007
Dallas, Texas
Member #: 4
Total Posts: 957
Posted: 13 years ago
I'm a horn dog too, but not nearly as much of one as hoZt.

For the record.

'I wanna get my knees dirty.' -- Gunnz, Netcast 37

360plex Score: 1060
Join Date: Sep 2007
Kent, England
Member #: 285
Total Posts: 91
Posted: 13 years ago
Next you guys will be wanting Playboy the mansion in HD or next gen Lesuire Suit Larry! smile

360plex Score: 160
Join Date: Sep 2007
san antonio
Member #: 288
Total Posts: 6
Posted: 13 years ago
hey guy good cast. Long time listener and finally had time to setup a profile. And I look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work and I'll see you online.

finally a site with some merit....oh wait, time for my pill. Where am I?

360plex Score: 190
Join Date: Sep 2007
Victoria, Australia
Member #: 289
Total Posts: 4
Posted: 13 years ago
Hey guys, I really enjoy your Podcast. I've just recently joined up as a member of 360plex - mostly because I feel I should support the site that provides the best 360 Podcast going around - love your work. I'm from Australia, so I'm not sure how many other Aussies are on the site, but I hope there are a few! smile

Keep up your great work, talk to you soon!

360plex Score: 120
Join Date: Sep 2007
Member #: 290
Total Posts: 2
Posted: 13 years ago

I finally joined up to be a member. I have been listening you guys from podcast #19. It was actually my first podcast I ever listened. I was bored to listen to music everyday/night at work so I tried something different for a change and discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. And because of the curse that is work, I don't have so much time surfing on internet searching for 360 news and your show fills that spot nicely. It's makes the time fly more faster while building those damn diesel engines.

Anyway, keep up your entertaining style!

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