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360plex #53 -- Is This Your Job? No its Just for Fun
360plex #53 -- Is This Your Job? No its Just for Fun
18 June 2008

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The 360plex Team is back with another live show.  This week we give you the best video game chat lines, talk about the pre-E3 leaks, Itakagi team leaves Team Ninja, and we take calls from our community. 

Hero- GTAIV, Street Fighter, COD4
TheDaddy - Metal Gear Solid 4, Frogger, Dark Sector Demo, Civilization
FirenFlames - Devil May Cry 4, Small Arms, Oblivion, Frogger 2 demo
HoZt -- Traveling nothing at all

Gamefly -- Sign up

Ten Of The Best Video Game Chat-up lines

More Leaks: Forza 3 and Call of Duty Leaks

Rumor: Up to three dozen Team Ninja members leave with Itagaki, AND file lawsuits

Community Callers

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Cross-Dressing Darnnell

360plex Score: 10935
Join Date: May 2007
Dallas, Texas
Member #: 4
Total Posts: 957
Posted: 12 years ago
Good show. My favorite moment:

Hero -- "Didn't it take (the PS3) two years to get rumble?"


'I wanna get my knees dirty.' -- Gunnz, Netcast 37

360plex Score: 4860
Join Date: May 2007
Milwaukee, WI
Member #: 9
Total Posts: 461
Posted: 12 years ago
I am the pinata king!!!

One life, think twice.

360plex Score: 2290
Join Date: Feb 2008
Member #: 508
Total Posts: 223
Posted: 12 years ago
I have to get my effing Zune fixed. I'm like 3 or 4 podcasts behind.

Currently Playing: COD4 Map Pack, Rainbow 6 2 expansion pack, N+, a little golf when I can.

360plex Score: 4860
Join Date: May 2007
Milwaukee, WI
Member #: 9
Total Posts: 461
Posted: 12 years ago
Just finished listening to the show, lots of laughs this time around. I just didn't know what I was getting into when I made the above comment after hearing only the intro. Good show everyone! I look forward to next time.

One life, think twice.

360plex Score: 800
Join Date: Oct 2007
Nova Scotia, Canada
Member #: 341
Total Posts: 58
Posted: 12 years ago
So HoZt, when you gonna invite Miss Fortune onto the show so we can all hear the HSK story?

"Think of 360plex, like a transformer"

360plex Score: 4180
Join Date: Jan 2008
Northern Ireland
Member #: 455
Total Posts: 237
Posted: 12 years ago
Another awesome show guys, your neice is hi-larious!!!
Did you tell her what to say?

"Man, shooting cops and getting Head never gets old"- Gunnz; Netcast #54

360plex Score: 7425
Join Date: Dec 2007
Member #: 407
Total Posts: 638
Posted: 12 years ago
Yeah Hsk, would it take to get Miss Fortune on the show.
I would also like to shout out Hero for adding some opinionated news to the show, there always good for starting debates.

360plex Score: 1155
Join Date: Oct 2007
Boston, MA
Member #: 346
Total Posts: 91
Posted: 12 years ago
I had so much fun with this show... thanks for all the listeners in the chat/call ins. I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I had recording it ;)

360plex Score: 4330
Join Date: Jun 2007
North Carolina
Member #: 56
Total Posts: 358
Posted: 12 years ago
Ok, like 8 hours after I started the cast I just now finished it, craziness. Agreed, that was a fun show, live shows are always just better, I guess it's the interaction. And hozt's niece was the greatest, I see an uncle getting his ass handed to him in a future Midnight Club or the like. And no worries, I to have seen the Hero-bot.... it is definately something to behold.

If you guys have another Live show before the first week of July I'll call in(right timing permitted) and we can enjoy Hero's storytime . If not then I'll have to wait to get my pc going again, we're moving and it's not my top priority atm. And thanks for letting all the blame for no HSK story lay on my shoulders... no worry though, I'll get you back.

My husband is an Italian Hero... the person not the sandwich.

360plex Score: 1060
Join Date: Sep 2007
Kent, England
Member #: 285
Total Posts: 91
Posted: 12 years ago
Still loving the show guys & girl!

I see a new regular feature in "10 year olds slating old people" !

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