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360plex Netcast #8 -- Best of 2006 and CES
360plex Netcast #8 -- Best of 2006 and CES
9 January 2007

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Best of 2006

Highlight of the Past Year

Darnnell - X06
Gunnz - Gears of War phenomena
Jeff - Warranty extension  

Best Game

Gunnz - Gears of War
Darnnell - Ghost Recon
Jeff - Rainbow 6 Vegas

Best Arcade XBLA

Darnnell - UNO
Jeff - Small Arms super smash bros
Gunnz - Lumines Live, Geometry Wars

Best Trailers

Gunnz - Halo Wars
Darnnell - Halo III Commercial
Jeff - Gears of War - Mad World

Worst Game

Darrnell - Outfit
Gunnz - Project 8
Jeff - NBA Live 2007

Predictions for 2007

Darnnell - 360 price drop, Bigger hardrive, more third party titles
Jeff - PS3 and Wii make major gains in market share, price drop for console, motion controlled controllers
Gunnz - Microsoft will get its act together with hardware issues and possibly release a new version of 360.

What we are playing

Darnnell - Gears Of War Street Fighter NBA 2k7 PGR3
Jeff  RV6, Small Arms, PGR3, Burnout
Gunnz - Nothing (360 is Dead), Sim City 4 (PC) 


Microsoft's Keynote Address Bill Gates led the keynote.  Vista,

Some of the numbers:
  • 10.4 million consoles sold
  • Majority of new owners are new the the xbox platform
  • 2.7 million Gears of War
  • 160 titles today
  • 320 titles by end of this year
  • 5 million Xbox Live members
  • 3 billion hours of gaming on Xbox Live

Lionsgate   added to list of studios - Crash, See No Evil, Saw II & III, Monster's Ball, etc

IPTV - Channel browsing Watch TV on your 360 and Vista computer

Sharp is showing off a 108-inch LCD TV. The 108-inch LCD screen, which measures 93.9-inches wide by 52.9-inches high.


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Winning 11) - demo out 2 months after the release
Blitz - another demo behind the release

Xbox Live Arcade

Ms. Pac-Man - 1-10-07
Heavy Arms  - 1-17-07

Video Marketplace

Gunnz - Dave Chappell - Unforgiven
Jeff - Mission Impossible 3


Xbox warranty extended for a year. Xbox support and reliability still a problem (Crap-out poll )

Gears of War fix broke 1280x1024 resolutions.  Microsoft is aware of the problem.

Gears of War bonus maps  - The maps will be available on January 10th Patch out by January 09th. Raven Down places you in the desperate aftermath of a helicopter crash,while Old Bones drops you right in the middle of a Locust attack on Sera's Museums.

Virtua Fighter confirmed and Tekken 6 rummored for the 360?

Saints Row bugs as a Musical

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD comparison

Xbox 360 top selling hardware this past Christmas season. Microsoft need to better show off the features of the 360
1 million ps3's produced

XFPS - use a keyboard and mouse on your 360

Rainbow 6 Vegas patched

Shadowrun  Beta Responsible for Live Outage?

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