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360plex Netcast #7 -- Catching Up Part I
Halo 3, Rainbow 6, Viva Pinata, Superman, Lost Planet, Hoops 2k7, Cars [14 December 2006]

360plex Netcast #7 -- Catching Up Part II
Video Marketplace, Headset Issues, Flying Wiimotes, HD-DVD War [14 December 2006]

360plex Netcast #6 -- Gears is Here!
Gears of War, Emergence Day, Call of Duty III, Wireless headset Review, Contra [14 November 2006]

360plex Netcast #5 -- G.O.W. not again.....
Gears of War NE Event, In Game Cash, Saint's Row Bugs, Dashboard Update, Eragon and Rainbox 6 Demos [2 November 2006]

360plex Netcast #4 -- GOW Promo Let Down
GOW Preview Flop, Splinter Cell, Tony Hawk, Mortal Kombat, Lumines, Phantasy Star, Xbox Live Down, Halo Movie [22 October 2006]

360plex Netcast #3 -- Totem Ball (is this for real?)
Fifa 07, Call of Duty 3, Totem Ball, PS3 Overheat, EA Glitches, Divx Support, New E3 [14 October 2006]

360plex Netcast #2 -- X06
Bioshock, Assassins Creed, GOW, Splinter Cell, Rainbow 6, Kane & Lynch, XBLA. Doom, Sensible World of Soccer [30 September 2006]

360plex Netcast #1 -- TGS
Listen to our first roundtable discussion where we talked about TGS and the Xbox 360. This was our beta podcast and the sound quality will improve with the next show. [25 September 2006]

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