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360plex #39 -- The Long Goodbye
This week we hit on the new games released, MX Vs.ATV and NCAA March Madness 08. In the news we discuss the Spike Awards, Halo 3 maps pack, US Army blade in the dashboard, the Canadian video marketplace and more. [11 December 2007]

360plex #38 -- I don't want to play with balls
Our roundtable gets together to discuss the latest in Xbox 360 games, reviews, and more. We talk about the games Rock Band and Mass Effect. In the news the Dashboard update, Activision merger with Vivendi, Jeff Gersten's firing, and more. [5 December 2007]

360plex Netcast #37 -- I wanna get my knees dirty
We are back with another live show. Covering the latest games including Assassin's Creed, Kane and Lynch, Mass Effect, and Rock Band. In the new DIVX on the PS3, Rainbow 6 II, Rock Band's song packs, Halo 3 Heroic Map, Atari near bankruptcy, how to earn 1000 gamerscore in 2 minutes, the frag dolls taking their clothes off, and more. [21 November 2007]

360plex Netcast #36 -- Lets do this...again?
Now that we have played Call of Duty 4 we are back with another show. Of course we talk extensively about the game hitting what makes it a near perfect game. Other topics discussed include TimeShift, Tomb Raider, ManHunt 2 and more. In the news we talk about Boom Boom Rocket, blue aliens, parental controls, GTA IV elusive release date, Elder Scroll MMO rumour, Halo 3 marriage proposal and more. We do stray a bit from the topics a few times, but will make you listen to hear the juicy details. [11 November 2007]

360plex Netcast #35 -- Lets do this
Is there anything else to talk about except Call of Duty 4? Enough said. [10 November 2007]

360plex Netcast #34 -- The Calm Before the Storm
We are back with yet another live show! During this episode we discuss the latest games about to be released and cover the Xbox 360 news of the week. We walk about Microsoft's coming crackdown on Live account sharing, yet a bigger heatsink in repaired 360's, Gamestop no longer selling replacement plans for 360's, Street Fighter II, and the Army of 2 delay. We also take a call from EvilN0ob and Psychosis. [1 November 2007]

360plex Netcast #33 -- They can hear us now!
We are joined by the creator of the very popular video series Master Chief Sucks at Halo, Digital Ph33r and cover the lastest games and news for the week. [21 October 2007]

360plex Netcast #32 -- The Cake is a Lie
We are back with a not quite live show. We cover the newly released Orange Box and PGR4 and the other game released in the last week. In the news EA buys more developers, Assassin's Creeds troubles, Rock Band Instruments, the Fall Update and more. [16 October 2007]

360plex Live Netcast #31 -- Halo, demos, and some other stuff
We are back with another live show and take calls from our community. We also discuss the latest demos that have been released, Halo and Bungie news, and some other stuff. [7 October 2007]

Netcast #30 -- Live Post Halo 3 Show
Listen to our live post Halo 3 Netcast where we talk all about the game and for the first time hear from some members from our community directly. [27 September 2007]

360plex Netcast #29 Live Halo 3 Show
The show is a bit rough, but it is short so it is still worth a listen. No real show notes for the night either. Be sure to listen to show #30 on Halo day, September 25th where we will try this live thing again. [24 September 2007]

360plex Netcast #28 -- The Blank Slate
the roundtable discusses the new demos including Sega Rally and 2k8. In the news Colin M, Mass Effect video and breasts, Army of Two video, gaming binge leads to deal, and more. [20 September 2007]

360plex Netcast #27 -- Maybe we should do a show today
Call of Duty 4 beta, NHL 08, Tiger Woods 08, Medal of Airborne, Two Worlds, Stuntman Ignition, MotoGP 07. Demos include Skate, TimeShift, NBA Live 08, Blazing Angels 2, Call of Juarez. And we finish with everything in the XBLA. [11 September 2007]

360plex Netcast #26 -- Late but worth the wait?
We cover Microsoft's new XLSP, price drop of 360 in Europe, HDMI an Falcon 360's, California's battle over violent video games, Halo 3 sells 1 million and new beta, Unreal Tournament dropping maps for the 360 and more. We hit on all the games and d [21 August 2007]

360plex Netcast #25 -- Please Don't Sue Us
This week we talk about the GTA IV delay, Halo 3 Co-op, Halo 3 at 7-11, COD 3 beta details, $50 price drop for 360, HD-DVD price drop and 5 disc bundle, how to check if you 360 has the new heat sink, Federal agents raiding mod chip vendors, and more [6 August 2007]

360plex Netcast #24 -- So Long Peter
This week we discuss all the new demos just released including Nascar 08, Juiced 2, All Pro Footbal 2k7, FlatOut, Moto GP, and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. In the XBLA we cover Wing Commander Arena, Super Contra, Bomberman Live, and Yie Ar Kung-Fu. Ne [26 July 2007]

360plex Netcast #23 -- E3 Wrap Up
We finish up our E3 coverage with episode 23. We discuss the new demos on the marketplace including The Bigs, Harry Potter, and Stuntman Ignition. In the news we discuss price drops for the 360, Microsoft's Robbie Bach possible trouble with dumping [16 July 2007]

360plex Netcast #22 -- Its E3
This week we cover the happenings at E3. We discuss all the press conferences by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We also cover the newly released games and demos including Blue Dragon, Ace Combat 6, NCAA Football, and The Bigs. In the arcade Missil [12 July 2007]

360plex Netcast #21 -- Off Topic Yet Again
This episode our roudtable discusses The Darkness, Carcassonne, Rainbow 6 black map pack, Two Worlds, Shadowrun poor reviews, power brick failures, HDMI with on a standard 360, Wiiware, iPhone, and the latest rants on the PS3. [2 July 2007]

360plex Netcast #20 -- The Dog Days of Summer
News for Gamers by Gamers netcast #20. On this show we discuss the latest games released including Fantastic 4, TenchuZ, and Call of Juarez. Demos that we cover include Project Sylpheed, Overlord, and yes Surf's Up. We hit on the two new XBLA game [21 June 2007]

360plex Netcast #19 -- Bomberman XBLA Interview and More
News for gamers by gamers. In this show we bring you an Interview with Hudson Entertainment's, Joel Breton. We also talk about recently released games and demos including Shadowrun, Forza 2, Vampire Rain, and Tenchu. XBLA games discussed include P [8 June 2007]

360plex Netcast #18 -- Halo 3 Beta is there anything else?
Halo 3, the good, the bad, and the amazing! Also covered on the show is the new Red vs. Blue, Pirates of the Caribbean, Soltrio Solitaire, Aegis Wing, Blacksite: Area 51, Starcraft II, Bomberman Live, Sega and the Unreal Engine 3, Riddick and mor [20 May 2007]

360plex Netcast #17 Spring Update
This show we discuss the Forza II demo, Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars, and Spiderman 3. We give you the details on the new dashboard update, border controls, Sega's four new next-gen titles, and more. [11 May 2007]

360plex Netcast #16 -- MS Thanks for the Points
This show we discuss the new Rainbow 6 maps, Command and Conquer demo, Pro Football 2k8, Call of Duty 4, Tom Clancy's Endwar, short Halo 3 beta [29 April 2007]

360plex Netcast #15 -- Not more Viva Pinata
Guitar Hero 2, Gears of War Annex, Monster Madness, the Viva Pinata song, Halo 3 video, Perfect Dark sequel, Luxor 2, and Boom Boom Rocket [14 April 2007]

360plex Netcast #14 -- To Elite or not to Elite
Elite Xbox 360, Devil May Cry, Shadowrun Beta, EDF 2017, Jetpac Refueled, Fraud on Live, Gears of War Movie, New website design. [30 March 2007]

360plex Netcast #13 -- GDC and More
GDC, GDC Awards, Worms, TMNT, Castlevania, PS3 Home, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon in the US, New Xbox in 2012, Momentum Fact Sheet [17 March 2007]

360plex Netcast #12 -- Powered by the Unreal Engine 3
Unreal 3.0 is taking over, MLB 2k7, Amored Core 4, Winning II, Bullet Witch, Bioshock & Skat Videos, Two Halo Betas, Gears 2, Crackdown 2, Graw 1.8, DDR [4 March 2007]

360plex Netcast #11 -- Crackdown
Crackdown, Black Xbox 360, Mergers, Guitar Hero II, Graw II, Play Original Xbox Titles on Your 360 [22 February 2007]

360plex Netcast #10 -- Viva Pinata just for girls?
Graw 2, Root Beer Tapper, RE5, Pro Football 2K8, Achivement Rewards, Quiet DVD, Bill Gates and Viva Pinata, Netcast Audio Fixed [7 February 2007]

360plex Netcast #9 -- Take Two
Battlestations Midway, Lost Planet, Heavy Weapons, Gates and Sony, Peter Moore,Video Marketplace, Big Box, Bungie Screwed Up [30 January 2007]

360plex Netcast #8 -- Best of 2006 and CES
CES, Microsoft Keynote, IPTV, Heavy Arms, Extened Warranty, Gears of War Maps, Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD [9 January 2007]

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