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360plex #53 -- Is This Your Job? No its Just for Fun
[18 June 2008]

360plex #52 -- Don't Lick Me You Crazy Cat
This week on 360plex new games include Ninja Gaiden II and Incredible Hulk. In the Xbox Arcade titles include Aces of the Galaxy, Command 3, and Roogoo. This and the latest Xbox 360 news. [12 June 2008]

360plex #51 -- That's One Hell of a Burger
This week for our live show we catch up on the arcade, hit on the latest news and take call from our community. [30 May 2008]

360plex #50 -- Always Mating Season Somewhere
On the show we discuss the latest demos: Grid, Borne Conspiracy, and KungFu Panda. In the news RockBand in the Europe, 360 sells 10 million, Gears of War 2 and more. Special interview with Wideload Games, creators of the soon to released Hail to the Chimp [22 May 2008]

360plex #49 -- Pimpin GTA IV
The whole show is dedicated to Grand Theft Auto IV. We discuss the game in detail, catch up on GTA IV news, and take calls from our community. [30 April 2008]

360plex #48 -- Jonesing for GTA IV
This week we give our first impressions of Ironman and review Viking. In the arcade its Rocky and Bullwinkle and a card game Lost Cities. In the news Unreal Tournament on the 360, EA giving us something for free, and lots of GTA IV news. Hosts tonight are Hsk Hero Reborn, FirenFlames and hoZt. [27 April 2008]

360plex #47 -- We destroy marriages
360plex bringing the latest Xbox 360 news, reviews and fun. The COD4 map pack is out and is it no surprise that we love it? We talk some more about the Battlefield Beta now that we have had longer on the game. Mr Driller....yes we did say more. Lots in the news including Red Lights of Death, Stephen King and violence in games, Charlie Daniels rant, developers closing shop, CryEngine, Rock Band in UK, GTA IV, and much more. [10 April 2008]

360plex #46 -- Giving you the Best Sleep
On this live show we touch on our first impressions of the Battlefield Beta, the XBLA title Tiqal, and other new titles released. In the news Halo map pack now free, cheaters on Live, buy weapons for MS points, COD4 map pack coming, and more. [29 March 2008]

360plex #45 -- Did you guys enjoy me?
The 360plex team is back with show #45. This week we talk about newly released games: Army of Two, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Major League Baseball 2K8, and Condemned 2. In the XBLA we cover Rocket Man, Brain Challenge, and Bliss Island. This week in the news we hit on Microsoft and Blu-ray, naked people on live, how now to pick up a woman on Live, price cuts in Europe, EA's hostile takeover attempt of Take Two, and more. [15 March 2008]

360plex #44 -- You Kids Want Some Candy?
The week we catch-up on the news out of the Game Developers Conference (GDC). We also talk about the latest games in the XBLA including N+ and Triggerheart Exelica and take calls from our community. [29 February 2008]

360plex #43 - Ah Um But You Know
We are back again! This week we discuss Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise, Jumper, Fuel of War multiplayer and the Club. In the news DLC for COD4, red rings at GDC, end of HD-DVD, EA and their exclusive NFL contract and more [20 February 2008]

360plex #42 -- Can we keep this one under 4 hours?
Live show #42. Games discussed this week include Devil May Cry, Turok, The Club, and Burnout Paradise. In the news we give you Bill Gates email address for direct support, Blu-Ray and the 360, more Portal coming, UT3 mods, and Mercenaries 2 delayed yet again. We also take your live calls and voice comments. [2 February 2008]

360plex #41-- I Wanna Play With Myself
We are back with yet another live show. This week we talk about all the latest demos and XBLA titles. In the news Microsoft does not owe you anything for live, MS getting sued over outages, Mass Effect nudity, and once again your calls. [18 January 2008]

360plex #40 -- Year in Review Live
This is our annual year in review show brought to you live. We talk about CES, Xbox Live problems and Newline dropping HD-DVD. We go though the list of best and worst of 2007 and give our predictions for 2008. We also take your calls! [7 January 2008]

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