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When was your site established?
360plex was founded in 2005 as Gaming-360, a simple blog dedicated to the Xbox 360.  In October 2006 we became 360plex. At that time we started our Podcast and created many of our community features.

What do gamers expect to see when they visit your site?We are trying to build a community where the members help build the site with their input.  Each member has their own mini-website where they can publish their blog, view their news feeds, game reviews,  stories they have recommended, keep track of their community friends and more.

How do you differ from other gaming news sites?
We scan over 100 different Xbox 360 sites and list the news as it happens.   Our community helps decides which stories get featured and how the stories rise to the top.  

So how many staff members do you currently have on the site?
Because none of us get paid we do not really have any staff, but more of a team.  All of us are dedicated to our vision and participate in our community because we our passionate gamers. We have 4 regular members of our podcast team: HeroReborn (aka Darnnell J), Gunnz, Tyrannus (aka Miles), FirenFlames, and hoZt (aka Jeff Haug). We also have several strong community members that are very active on the site.  All the back-end programming on the site is done by 360plex's founder, hoZt.  New site features are added weekly.

What about your podcast?
Our almost weekly podcast is a fun roundtable discussion that is a blend of hardcore gaming, inside industry news, entertainment, and a bit of soapboxing. We don't pull our punches, sugar coat the facts, or worry about getting fired for speaking our minds on a game or game company. We do try to inject a good blend of information, commentary, and humor for our listeners.

What plans do you have for the future?
The future looks bright for 360plex.  We will continue to expand our site community features.  We also have some great ideas for the podcast and will have several major announcements soon.

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